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all texts property    

All the texts on the site of foundation MomC are original, authentic own ‘products’ and the exclusive property of MomC. All texts displayed on this site is copyrighted. Acquire or transmission of text, in any way, electronically or in print, in whole or in part, other than for personal cognizance of the information is not permitted without written permission. Permitted for third parties by linking all of the site or an entire page of the site.


no liability & cookies    

On the MomC site is written what foundation MomC does, can do and what it stands for. The content may change from time to time and/or be renewed, depending on the development of the activities, or changes in the organization. The information has been carefully composed in order to be accurate and meaningful. However the texts or the information can in no way be legally binding or obligated not for the whole and not a part of the MomC site.

MomC doesn’t use cookies!

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