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MomC | Music of many Cultures


guidance & advice

music projects & fundraising 

Gebieden van de paardebloem

Guidance & Advice

music projects & fundraising    


MomC | Music of many Cultures – a non-profit foundation – is for musicians

& composers.


MomC provides guidance and advice to their music projects, including fundraising. From design project plan up to and including final project plan.



practice, performance & experience    


MomC | Music of many Cultures has the aim of contributing to the promotion of practice, performance and experience of non-Western music as essential component of Dutch and European music culture.


MomC wants to achieve this by supporting and advising on music projects of musicians & composers.

Poppy Field


field of attention & experience


MomC’s field of attention is the non-Western music in all its appearances in The Netherlands / Europa and with this related the rich sources of musical movements and musical talents. Focus is among others on the musical crossovers between the different music cultures.


MomC has experience in guiding and advising of music projects and music performances, including (preliminary) research, set-up, development, realization and fundraising.




addressing music projects

MomC guides and advises musicians and composers with their music projects. For this MomC has developed a concept project plan including budget, which forms the basis for fundraising, recruiting sponsors and partners.

The essence of the approach is close collaboration between musician/composer and MomC, consisting of two phases:
ncept phase
a) Orientation on the project subject and possible preliminary research by the musician/composer and MomC.
b) MomC sends the draft project plan and budget concept to the musician/composer.
c) The texts of the draft project plan and calculation of the budget concept are supplied by the musician/composer.
Final phase

a) MomC writes the final project plan including the budget.
b) The musician/composer and MomC jointly select funds, subsidy providers and sponsors appropriate to the project.
c) MomC guides and advises the musician/composer with the application for contributions from the selected funds

    grant providers and sponsors.

The concept phase is free of charge. For the final phase, a joint agreement is drawn up that describes the form of cooperation, a timeline with activities and the amount and method of payment. A fee may be requested for writing the final project plan and budget, otherwise MomC works on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

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